The life of Media Sales

A lot of people think that you simply ‘fall’ into a role in Media sales but it can in fact be a matter of timing and, ultimately, if you’re outgoing and motivated by money it can certainly be the industry for you.

I personally worked in recruitment before embarking on a career in media sales, specifically working for a massive consumer exhibition associated with a leading Channel 4 TV show. The reason for moving into a more sales focused role was simply that I found staring at CVs all day incredibly dull and repetitive. Because of that reason, I wanted to move into a sales focused role where I could be out and about meeting clients and having a much more fast paced turnaround with sales.

In reality, media sales within exhibitions is pretty much a glorified outbound call centre role with a little more respect. Ultimately, you spend your day cold calling potential, lapsed or existing clients to buy space to exhibit and present their products or services. You may spend time out of the office pitching at meetings and also at competitor events, trying to get those who are exhibiting at those events to be a part of yours.

Being a part of an award winning company and also working under a fantastic brand name undoubtably gives you more kudos when pitching initially to potential clients. In contrast, however, it can be an incredibly harder slog when you are starting up a completely brand new show as you have to convince the person on the other end of the phone that you’ll get the footfall through the doors.

Typical starting salaries are around £18-21k depending on experience, and you could expect to earn £6-10k on top of that in commission, which really isn’t all too bad in an entry level job.

Realistically, you have to have had some call centre or sales experience in order to get your foot in the door and demonstrate you can actually sell, but it’s fairly easy to get into if you have this under your belt.

All in all, you have to be pretty outgoing, tenacious and resilient. You have to be able to withstand a lot of no’s before you reach those precious yes’s that add to your pay packet.

Good luck!

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