Charities & Volunteering

Often called the not-for-profit, third sector and the voluntary and community sector. It’s worth noting that many of the roles involved in business are also required in not-for-profit such as marketing, finance, IT and so on.

Typical roles within charities and voluntary sectors include:

  • Administrative
  • Advisory
  • Animal conservation
  • Campaigning and lobbying
  • Conservation and environmental
  • Economic development
  • Emergency and poverty alleviation
  • Financial management
  • Fundraising
  • Health education and promotion
  • Human resources management, including volunteer management
  • Human rights
  • Policy development
  • Care services and carer support
  • PR and branding
  • Scientific, environmental and social research and development

Working conditions: Conditions differ dependent on the role but generally have high levels of job satisfaction.

Opportunities for promotion: Prospects for promotion are strong overall.

Starting salary: Typically, the salaries are lower within this sector and pay differs between jobs.