Health & Social Care

The health and social care industry encompasses both the public and private sectors outlined below. However, it would be silly not to mention that the likes of the NHS are a huge employer in this sector as well as various other private medical companies. This sector can be grouped into the following:

  • Dental
  • Child day care
  • General and specialist practices
  • Medical nursing homes
  • Specialist health e.g. psychotherapy, physiotherapy

What can you expect?

Working conditions: Conditions vary upon each sector and within departments. It can also be an environment that can be stressful and emotionally involved.

Hours: Again, conditions can vary within departments and sectors, however, you can expect shift work, in addition to long hours and unsociable hours.

Expected salary: Salaries will again be dependent on the role and level of qualification. However, you are likely to be in high demand abroad so if traveling with your career is your thing, you can be sure that highly skilled jobs within health and social care are in demand with opportunities for sponsorship and visas abroad.