About 85% of solicitors work in private practices, and the remaining 15% in commercial or industrial organisations dealing with in-house legal business.

The legal sector requires a high level or perseverance and determination but can also be highly rewarding. You will also come up against a high level of competition in order to secure a pupilage or training contract. You will need to be prepared for a high level of intellectual challenge and responsibility.

In general, a firm will have one or more areas that it specialises in which include:

  • Commercial
  • Corporate
  • Intellectual property
  • Finance & banking
  • Environmental

Working conditions: Working hours tend to be determined by getting the project finished in time, so you may be expected to work longer than 9-5.

Starting salary: Typically, you could expect a minimum salary of £18,590 in central London and £16,650 for trainees working elsewhere in the UK.

The number of people completing the Legal Practice Course (LPC) in the hope of becoming a solicitor far outweighs the number of training contracts available across the UK.